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Since 1946, Arup has pushed the boundaries of what design and engineering can achieve. We add to that proud history every day.

Arup was born of our founder’s conviction that a more collaborative and open-minded approach to engineering would lead to work of greater quality and enduring relevance. Sir Ove’s legacy is an organisation that continues to be recognised for bravely imaginative solutions to the world’s most challenging projects.

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For over 75 years, Arup has been a place where creative people can develop their talents, collaborate with likeminded colleagues and produce incredible work. From Ove’s founding interest in function and beauty, to today’s urgent need for a more sustainable built environment, discover the many different ways we continue to shape the modern world.

Our values and purpose

Arup’s shared values, like our firm’s name, are derived from the beliefs and convictions of our founder, the engineer and philosopher Sir Ove Arup.

Sir Ove believed work was only valuable when it had something higher to strive for. We continue to embody that idea – that our work is truly profitable when it shapes a better world. Today, across the world, our people use their skills and expertise to help us reach for greater goals.

Our decisions and actions are intended to produce safe, inclusive and resilient communities, infrastructure and cities. We also recognise that sustainable development encompasses many different factors. So, our work also prioritises environmental regeneration, biodiversity, conservation of resources, stable economic growth and social progress.

Equal. Diverse. Inclusive.

We believe in fair treatment for all. As an ever-growing worldwide community of talented practitioners, the diversity of our people is central to our success. Find out how our nine commitments are leading to an Arup that gives all our people a voice.

Striving for something higher

On 9 July 1970 in Winchester, Sir Ove delivered ‘The Key Speech‘ to all his partners from the various practices. In this speech Ove set out the aims of our firm and, in his own distinctive and philosophical way, identified the principles by which they might be achieved.

The aims and principles laid out by Sir Ove represent our values. These values are our guide to how we deal with our clients and the work that we do.

Author: Sebastien