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Perf-iT has its roots in the process industry. Long before the datacenter community had matured enough for proper ‘monitoring and control’ solutions we already served many chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical plants with our monitoring software products.

In 2007 Perf-iT started as a spin-off, dedicated to datacenters.

Since then it has been our mission to simplify the user interface for operational tasks in the datacenter. Simplicity means less chance of failure or mistakes. This leads to less downtime, an improved reputation and of course a decrease in costs. To establish this easy-to-use-interface we invested a lot of time in automating procedures and pre-fabricating components which our customers can use by simply drag and drop.

Our dedication to DCIM and our independence made us a leading brand of DCIM solutions. Even equipment manufacturers deploy our monitoring tools as their branded software. It demonstrates the trust that we receive from our customers. Interested? Call or mail for an online demo or follow via blog, newsletter, Twitter or LinkedIn.

Partners & OEM

Perf-iT has special programs for partners to resell our full suite of products and services. Our independence as DCIM manfacturer and our reputation for on-time, on-budget, high quality implementations make us your ideal partner in DCIM offerings.

To original equipment manufacturers (OEM) like PDU manufacturers we offer the option of a limited feature version of our DCMS suite . Our DCMS software can help you to make your product stand out from the rest. Benefit from our vast experience in the datacenter industry. Start incorporating the tools of a leading DCIM software company in your own PDU portfolio.

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Author: Sebastien