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Formerly known as zCost Management, our company was founded in 2006 by engineers and project managers with strong experiences in the behavior and the constraints of complex systems. As an Independent Software Vendor, we offer different Mainframe solutions for cost control, operations analytics and capacity planning.

Our CSR engagement

ZETALY is convinced of the urgency to act today to prevent climate change and to save our planet for the next generations. To contribute on our scale, we encourage all our employees to follow our corporate sustainability policies. Waste recycling, preferential use of local suppliers, incentives to use low-emission transportation or to give priority to remote meetings… are just some examples of our actions, that are basics but support and build up our global CSR strategy.

To reinforce our engagement, we contribute to specific reforestation programs led by MyTree, a social-centric organization with one challenging mission: “to rehabilitate degraded ecosystems by planting trees”. We specifically contributed to two programs: the Chantilly Forest in France and the Mangrove in Senegal and we are proud of the progress they made.

Author: Sebastien