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Basic Concept

Anritsu's management priority is responding to changes in the operating environment in a flexible and speedy manner, improving competitiveness as a global company and continuously enhancing corporate value. To address these issues, we are working to build an environment and structure where corporate governance can function effectively.

Over the medium term, Anritsu is working to strengthen corporate governance from the following perspectives:

  1. Greater management transparency
  2. Appropriate and timely disclosure of information
  3. Stronger management supervision
  4. Management resources development

Going forward, we will continue to fulfill our corporate mission with sincerity, harmony and enthusiasm as stated in the Anritsu Group's philosophy, by implementing measures needed for the Company to build a corporate culture that respects the rights and interests of all stakeholders, including shareholders, customers and employees, and maintains and strengthens internal systems.

Basic Policy

Given the importance of enhancing corporate governance as a critical management challenge, and following the concepts in principles laid down in the “Japan’s Corporate Governance Code” established by the Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc. (“TSE”), the Company has established this “Anritsu Corporation Basic Policy on Corporate Governance” which clarifies its concepts of and the organization, structure and frameworks, etc. to uphold corporate governance, with the aim to realize better corporate governance in the Anritsu Group.

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