H-NAT 2021 by Corp – The 1st Natural Hydrogen Wordwide Summit

The natural H2 E&P industry started to grow. Small companies, startups but also majors are taking exploration permits, the services companies are proposing geological and geophysical tools to derisk the exploration phase, the first wells have be drilled, few are successful and chemists develop membranes and other process to separate the H2 from the other gas in surface.

This first forum will be THE place to gather this bubbling community building a nascent brand new ecosystem at 360°, worldwide. A unique annual opportunity for all stakeholders to introduce or learn about this new promising market, showcase their latest products & services, build partnerships, establish and grow business relationships, raise financing, assemble teams…

Interested in joining the event ?

Contact us : Yassine El Manouar – Managing Director


02 - 03 Juin 2021

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