Sécurité multi-cloud : Dell EMC introduit de nouvelles fonctionnalités

Dell EMC annonce de nouvelles fonctionnalités pour sa gamme Data Domain and Integrated Data Protection Appliance (IDPA). Des solutions de sauvegarde de données pensées pour offrir plus de de flexibilité aux entreprises avec des capacités multi-cloud améliorées.

De nouvelles capacités multi-cloud – Les logiciels Data Domain OS 6.2 et IDPA 2.3 offrent désormais aux entreprises davantage de choix pour étendre la protection de leurs données aux clouds publics avec un support Cloud Tier pour Google Cloud Platform et Alibaba Cloud, permettant ainsi plus de flexibilité pour une rétention à long terme. Ceci s’ajoute au support déjà disponible sur de nombreuses autres plates-formes.

Des performances améliorées – Les mise à jour des solutions Data Domain permettent dorénavant des restaurations jusqu’à deux fois et demie plus rapides et des rappels jusqu’à quatre fois plus rapides depuis le cloud.

Plus d’options pour les entreprises de taille intermédiaire – Ces nouvelles fonctionnalités offrent plus de flexibilité en matière de protection des données pour les ETI. Le choix et l’évolutivité sont essentiels pour ces entreprises : ces options leur offrent ainsi une solution de protection des données cloud pouvant évoluer en fonction de leurs besoins.

« Dell EMC s’engage à innover et mettre à jour constamment ses solutions de protection des données afin de soutenir et d’améliorer l’adoption des environnements multi-cloud »explique Beth Phalen, Présidente Data Protection, Dell EMC« Nos solutions sont efficaces, simples à gérer et faciles à étendre aux clouds publics avec des capacités natives de cloud. »

Ces solutions sont disponibles dès à présent auprès de Dell EMC et de ses partenaires commerciaux agréés.


Data Domain and Integrated Data Protection Appliance deliver simply powerful data protection at a lower cost to protect

News Summary:

  • Dell EMC continues to innovate and improve its best-in-class data protection appliances: Data Domain and Integrated Data Protection Appliance
  • Supports more public cloud providers for Cloud Tier, Cloud Disaster Recovery and Data Domain Virtual Edition
  • Enables up to two-and-a-half times faster restores1 and up to four times faster recalls from the cloud2 with enhanced performance
  • Delivers more flexibility for enterprise-level data protection for mid-sized organisations and remote offices

Full Story: Dell EMC announces new and enhanced capabilities to the Dell EMC Data Domain and Integrated Data Protection Appliance (IDPA) portfolio of backup storage appliances designed to offer organisations real- world flexibility and value with expanded multi-cloud capabilities and improved performance. The enhancements also provide mid-sized organisations and remote offices of larger organisations with more choice and options in obtaining enterprise-level data protection.

According to IDC, 92 percent of organisations have adopted a cloud environment with 64 percent adopting a multi-cloud approach.3 With a mix of different clouds, protecting data across workloads while meeting compliance and security requirements is a critical challenge for many organisations. In fact, according to a study conducted by IDC for Dell EMC, cross-cloud support was the highest recognised data protection deficiency for IT transformation.4 Dell EMC recognises this challenge and continues to enhance its data protection appliances to help customers mitigate risk and protect their most valuable asset – their data – in multi-cloud environments.

Multi-cloud capabilities Data Domain OS 6.2 and IDPA 2.3 software now provide customers with even more choice to extend their data protection to public clouds with expanded Cloud Tier support to Google Cloud Platform and Alibaba Cloud, thereby, enabling more flexibility for long-term retention. This is in addition to support already offered across AWS, Microsoft Azure, Dell EMC Elastic Cloud Storage, Virtustream, Ceph, IBM Cloud Open Storage, AWS Infrequent Access, Azure Cool Blob storage and Azure Government Cloud. Also, a new Free-space Estimator Tool for Cloud Tier helps enable more efficient capacity management to help reduce on-premises and cloud storage costs.

Dell EMC also expanded its ecosystem of supported public cloud providers for Data Domain Virtual Edition (DD VE), which provides software defined data protection on-premises and in public clouds, to AWS GovCloud, Azure Government Cloud and Google Cloud Platform. This adds to the already supported platforms AWS S3 and Azure Hot Blob. The expanded cloud ecosystem combined with the previously announced increased capacity for DD VE – up to 96TB per instance – ensures customers will receive the same level of protection within their growing cloud environments as they receive from their on- premises Dell EMC appliances.

Additionally, Native Cloud Disaster Recovery is now available across the entire IDPA family, enabling customers to cost-effectively failover to a cloud environment with end-to-end orchestration. Customers no longer have to bear the expense and management of setting up and maintaining a secondary site for

disaster recovery and can failover to public clouds with ease in case of a disaster event and failback when the issues are resolved. With this expansion, all Data Domain and IDPA models support AWS, including VMware Cloud on AWS, and Microsoft Azure for Cloud Disaster Recovery.

Organisations will also find peace of mind in that all Dell EMC data protection appliances provide modern, simple-to-manage user interfaces. Also, administrators can easily manage multiple Data Domain and DD VE appliances – on-premises or in public clouds – from a single user interface with the Data Domain Management Center.

Enhanced performance Updates to the IDPA family now provide more performance for Instant Access and Restore with an enhanced data cache that results in up to four times more inputs/outputs per second (IOPS), providing up to 40,000 IOPS with as little as 20 milliseconds latency.5

Also, Data Domain appliances provide faster restores from an on-premises appliance and faster recalls from public clouds. Given these enhancements, organisations can now restore their data up to two-and-a- half times faster from a Data Domain appliance1 and recall their data up to four times faster from the cloud2 to a Data Domain appliance, allowing them to meet more stringent SLAs.

More options for mid-sized organisations Choice and scalability are critical for smaller, mid-sized organisations that require enterprise-level, cloud- enabled data protection. In addition to cloud and performance updates, Data Domain DD3300 – a 2U appliance specifically designed for mid-sized organisations and larger enterprises with remote offices – has new hardware enhancements. DD3300 now offers an additional 8TB capacity model that can scale and grow-in-place to 32TB. Also, DD3300 now comes with faster networking capabilities with support for 10GbE and expanded backup options for virtual tape libraries (VTL) over Fiber Channel. These options provide mid-sized organisations with a cloud-enabled data protection solution that can grow as their needs change.

Supporting Quotes: As the industry leader in data protection appliances6, Dell EMC is committed to delivering continued innovation in our data protection portfolio that supports and improves customers’ adoption of multi-cloud environments,” said Beth Phalen, president, Data Protection, Dell EMC. “Our appliances are powerful, simple to manage and make it easy to expand to public clouds with native cloud capabilities.

Our long-standing relationship with Dell EMC has resulted in numerous successes for our business. We’re experiencing cost savings, greater efficiency and faster backup and recovery times with Dell EMC Data Domain and IDPA,” said John McFall Senior Vice President, Enterprise Technology Group, Security Service Federal Credit Union. “These results combined with the fact that our data is safe and secure allows me to sleep well at night.

Data protection efforts are a foundational part of the digital transformation efforts many organisations will embark on by 2020,” said Phil Goodwin, Research Director, IDC. “Purpose-built backup appliances, like Dell EMC Data Domain and Integrated Data Protection Appliance, have become a cornerstone of data availability improvement efforts. They provide faster, more reliable backup with fewer job failures than other data protection options and, more importantly, support faster data restoration in the event of a loss which directly impacts an organisation’s bottom line.

Availability: Dell EMC Data Domain Operating System 6.2, Dell EMC IDPA 2.3 and enhancements to Data Domain DD3300 are available immediately through Dell EMC and its authorised channel partners.